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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Lady Butterfly Boss Guide – Hirata Estate

Lady Butterfly is another boss early on in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. She is at the end of the Hirata Estate area.

She can be a formidable foe with her throwing knives and quick speed; however, this guide will help you to take her down. This fight is an endurance fight and can last quite a while due to both of her phases and how much posture she has.
Lady Butterfly Boss Guide
To prepare for this fight, you will need to bring the Shuriken prosthetic tool with you. Be sure that your attack is level 2 and that you upgraded your vitality twice.

She has two distinct and different phases.The first phase is just her and her blades. She is very fast and can attack multiple times in quick succession. Any normal attacks you can defect and block as that will help to break her posture.

If she throws her knives at you, block them. If you are at a mid-range distance from her she will do a low sweeping attack that is unblockable. Jump over this when the symbol appears as it will remove about 60% of your health.

You can also attack her whenever she stops attacking you for a few seconds. This will also help to fill her bar.

She might jump into the air. If this happens there are two possible attacks she can do. If the red unblockable symbol appears you need to dodge out of the way. If that symbol does not appear, she will dash towards you and do the same move. This one can be deflected. However, I recommend to dodge it as you can get a sneaky hit it.

Other than that keep attacking till her you can perform a deathblow on her. This will start phase two. During this phase she can perform a variety of illusion attacks on top of her normal attacks.

You will want to run over to the puddle in front of the burning statue to get a few hits on her.

In this phase there are three types of illusion based attacks she can do. She can spawn stars that will seek you out, which can be blocked. Lady Butterfly can also click her fingers to spawn in a bunch of ghost enemies. These can be killed; however, I recommend to just dodge their attacks and deal with them, as focusing on them will cause Lady Butterfly’s posture to recover.

After around thirty seconds she will then click again. This will cause the figures to transform into stars that will shoot up into the air. When this happens you need to run straight in any direction. This attack is unblockable and will kill you. Try to get back to Lady Butterfly as fast as possible when this happens.

All of these attacks can be cancelled out with a Snap Seed. However, this only lasts for a few seconds and isn’t worth the hassle. Learn the attacks and discover what to parry and what to dodge.

A few of her other attacks will use the first star illusion. You can just block them. During this phase you also want to use a Shuriken when she hops into the air. If it hits her and she doesn’t block it, she will fall to the ground. The biggest tip for this phase is to stay close to her and always be hitting or blocking her attacks. You can snap her out of clicking the first time if you land a hit just before she initiates the attack.

But, before long you will have it and she will be defeated. You can check out our full walkthrough of the Ashina Outskirts area, to ensure you don’t miss a single item. Our walkthrough of the Hirata Estate is also live now. Stay tuned over the next few days for more Sekiro guides.

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