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Announcement of Persona 5 The Royal

The game Persona 5 without controversy is one of the best Japanese games that I have tried in the PlayStation 4 generation and is the most Turn based game ever enjoyed but a while ago we hear about the existence of another version of the game will be released recently and most likely a copy of the PC.

Today we get confirmation of the first version Persona 5 The Royal, there is no information if this game will be a new game or a new addition or anything else, the only thing we know it will include a new feminine personality.

The company announced this game a little short show but promised more details about this game on April 24 at the conference Persona Super Live Concert, there are a lot of expectations about this character although the character playable or not or even the personality of Janiba.

What I really want to ask is about the role of this character in the story and how they will be able to integrate it into the world of the game and its already complex story, which we can say is one of the best and most enjoyable stories on the Playstation 4.

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